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Oh My Goodness!!!!!

INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! I am going to be doing my first ever stand up on September 5th at Virginia Wesleyan College, opening up for our big music festival. I am literally so hyped!!!!!
 I am really excited to go back to school...even though that only means driving 20 minutes down the road. Whatevs. I am hyped to see everyone and start my new job. I am the village assistant of the townhouses and apartments on campus. Should be awesome...or miserable, but I am hoping awesome. People don't often take me seriously just because I like to joke around a lot and also because I don't really look my age, so they think I am a little kid (I did in fact get carded for a PG 13 movie in April if that tells you anything). So, I am pretty nervous, but I am excited too and I am really hoping I get some good stories out of this job haha.
I really want to do amateur night at Funny Bone Comedy Club, but I am super nervous about it. I think that once I get up enough courage to go, I will make sure that the theater is packed full of people that know me and think I am funny already and then I won't be as scared haha. But really, I do have a lot of funny stories and weird situations that I have come across in my 21 years of life. Like the time I flashed my boob at my dad at the dinner table on accident or the time that my Christmas tree flew off my car while I was driving down interstate 64...whatever, this is my life and i love it. I shouldn't be wasting these stories and keeping them holed up inside...I should share them with the Hampton Roads population, more specifically the Virgina Beach population, even more specifically the Pembroke area of virgina beach population that choose to attend amateur night haha.

Mi vida...

 Look at this, three entries in three days...some kind of record. I went to Stephanie's small group last night and it seemed to be just what I needed. They talked about your relationship with God vs your relationships with your best friends or whatever. It is so easy to say, well I need to go to dinner with this person and spend all kinds of time with them and call them on the phone and text them all the time and I would just die if I couldn't see them or didn't have time to hang out with them. The same should be with your relationship with God. I go days without reading my bible and hours without thinking about God, but I can't go ten minutes without texting my sisters or my friends. I have known this for years, but it became so much clearer last night, that I am only going to get from God what I give back to Him, if that makes sense. I mean, I want all these answers when it comes to making decisions for my future and I want guidance and I want God to just jump out in front of me and be like, "Ashley, here you go, here is the plan for the rest of your life..." But I know that that won't happen unless I am constantly seeking His will for my life...I can't just go to God once in a while, when I want answers or when I need help. I need to be in constant communication with God, in good times and in bad. 

I am a double major right now in Spanish and International Business. I was talking to Stephanie last night about why I am a Spanish major. I never really liked Spanish in high school, I wasn't that good or anything, but for some reason, I took it up in college. I have since taken every class possible and have fallen in love with it. I think that God is using me for something. I would really like to go to Chile and work with some mission friends of mine there next year...but I am so worried about what my parents will think. They are Christians and love the Lord and love missions work and support me in everything, but I know that they would be so nervous of me leaving for any extended period of time and giving up my great job opportunity at Norfolk Southern Corporation. They want me to have a good job and be able to support myself and never want for anything. And I know I am being ridiculous right now, and if God wants to use me, He will. It really isn't up to me or my parents or anyone, really. I am really excited about my future...I just want to see what God has in store for me.

Hilarious Story

My 16 year old sisters are 6 foot tall and gorgeous, color me jealous. They worked the freshmen orientation at Virginia Wesleyan with my mom last week and took it upon themselves to make sure that all of the incoming freshmen males got their appropriate keycards and were directed safely and soundly to their rooms. They are such martyrs ahaha. When I got to Wesleyan later that night, I met a very nice young boy and I talked to him for about 30 minutes about the school, about what I am involved in, about what I did my senior seminar in (Spanish--don't ever do it, it was so hard [thats what she said]). Later on in the conversation, I said, "Oh, well I am sure you met my sisters earlier today, they were the ones passing out keycards..." He said, "No, it was 2 white girls that gave me my card." HAHAHA are you kidding me? What am I then? After explaining to this naive young man that I indeed was white and those were my sisters, he told me that he never would have guessed that I was white and that he assumed I was some sort of Spanish Mami. Yessssss! I love that.

New Journal!

I have started a new journal, one that I hope to actually keep up with. Add me



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